YÖS Courses in Ankara

Ankara is fascinating city center of the Turkey. Many facility for education in Ankara is also possible for both citizens of Turkey and foreign students. In order to attend in Turkey’s any university, foreign students need to attend YÖS. The exam mainly simple knowledge on general ability and math but even so, YÖS course should be necessity.

YÖS examination system is organized by ÖSYM and held in April for every year. Application process to exam is conducted on ÖSYM’s official internet site. All process is done after personal appeal to competent bureau.

Second step for the exam is being prepared to it. In order to make yourself ready for test, Ankara YÖS courses is an expert of the process. Thousands of students are prepared for exam and most of them achieved their aim to attend university in Turkey.

How to be Succeed in YÖS?

YÖS is a test that is compose of general ability knowledges and math ability tests. Today many people want to attend in Turkey’s multiple university. Especially for Middle East and Asia countries people have desire for Turkey. But firstly all foreign students need to be prepare for Turkish language skills.

English and Turkish languages are used for YÖS exam. Students firstly learn Turkish language. Another step will be English language skill need to be sufficient.

About YÖS

Foreign student’s succeed on YÖS is related with Ankara YÖS. Courses are making you ready for test. After courses, all student’s self-confident to themselves and comprehension level will be improved. YÖS examination system is;

  • Turkish and English parts are available for test,
  • Need to have high school diploma,
  • Being foreign country citizens,
  • General Knowledge part of exam is composed of IQ, Math and Algebra Questions (90 minutes will be granted to students)
  • Turkish Test is another part for students. For being succeed, YÖS Course Ankara will help all students.